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About US

Whether the ambition is to excel in humanities or STEM, high-level research or broad-based college admissions, we work with our students and families to unlock their full intellectual potential and customize support to the student’s individual needs and concerns. 

We pride ourselves on working with students with unique and varied learning styles, helping them to succeed where they had otherwise struggled in conventional classroom settings. With tutors and staff who have acclimated to in-person, hybrid, and remote learning, we offer families peace of mind and bolster students academic confidence. 

With our network of support, our students unlock their personal relationship to and love of learning.


Bob Ryan

co-founder and director of academics

Bob holds a PhD in English from the University of Illinois and teaches writing at the University of Chicago. He works with students across the humanities and in developing college applications. 


Annie Sullivan

co-founder and managing director

Annie holds a Masters degree in Media Studies from The New School. She oversees daily operations and manages tutor and client relationships.


Shari Turner

co-founder and director of admissions counseling

With a decade of experience in admissions consulting, Shari works with students on application strategy and crafting bespoke education support plans.  Shari holds a B.A. in literature and theater from Bennington College.

our mission

Education is Changing. As students adjust to the demands of virtual learning and some universities go test blind, Scholars Collective is committed to remaining adaptive,  providing better tailored solutions for educational support than most traditional tutoring and college prep firms. 


  • Education is Not Static. Scholars Collective is dedicated to remaining responsive to students' needs as they navigate an ever-changing landscape. Be it one-on-one tutoring or one of our extracurricular classes, our enrichment and support is dynamic and reflective of a student’s needs.


  • No Two Students Learn the Same. While some thrive in a virtual environment, others do best in a traditional classroom setting; while some students handle asynchronous learning with aplomb, others require one-on-one reinforcement to ensure authentic comprehension and retention. Tutoring isn’t just for those falling behind; it is an essential part of your student's educational lives and their holistic learning plan. 


  • Now More than Ever, Transcripts and Extracurriculars Matter.  With many colleges and universities going test-optional and test-blind, applicants no longer can rely on test scores as a way to demonstrate academic ability or college readiness. 

Authentic application essays, transcripts that exhibit growth and rigor, and demonstrated extracurricular interests are now the most significant ways to distinguish yourself with a meaningful high school career.  Scholars Collective is prepared to strategize a 360-degree support plan that seamlessly weaves these areas together.

Our Mission
services (expanded)


  • Academic Subject Tutoring

    • All subjects K-12, collegiate & post-graduate

  • High School, College, Graduate Application Services

    • Full-suite customized support plans

    • Ad-hoc essay assistance, consulting, and strategy services

  • Standardized Test Prep 

    • ACT, SAT, SSAT, SHSAT, ISEE, AP, Regents, SAT II, IB exams

    • SAT 1400+ club aimed towards high achieving students

    • Grad school admissions prep: GRE, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT

  • Executive Functioning Coaching

    • Organizational and motivational support and scaffolding 

  • Personalized Learning Services & Custom Curriculums

    • Fully customizable class and curriculum development for academics and extracurricular enrichment

  • College Process & AP Summer Courses 

  • Business & Organizational Consulting

    • Providing tutoring services as employee benefits

    • Creating customized classes for organizations

    • Corporate communications training and brand guidelines

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